Buddism & Christianity Brief Note

Buddism & Christianity Brief Note

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Founded by Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha in Northeastern subcontinents of India, but after 14th century, it lost its influence in India as Islam rise and bounded to East Asia.

No God, No creator, No conqueror. Later it became a polytheistic religion as the doctrine got diversified.
It was founded and propagated while Buddha was alive but its growth and expansion actually occurred after his death.
Two big branches
Mahayana – meaning that to save and take many people on the wagon. Its goal is to save others from falling into the suffering cycle again.
Hinayana – meaning that Buddhism is like a small wagon that only one person can ride. Its goal is to save oneself from falling into the suffering cycle again.

Belief in Destiny
Rebirth; Life is the suffering cycle.
Karma – the energy brings about the suffering cycle
Because it is generated by one’s action, of body, thoughts, and speech, it can be either positive Kusala-Kamma or negative Akusala-Kamma.
Depends on Karma, one’s next life cycle is determined.
6 different cycles
Hell, animals, human, hungry ghost, demon, and god
Nirvana – the highest level of enlightening
One who has reached this stage is considered as a Buddha and can break the suffering cycle and go to the upper realm, not one of 6 realms of the suffering cycle.


Found in 1st century by Jesus Christ in the region, now called Palestine and Israel. At the beginning, it was suppressed. After becoming the state religion of Rome, Christianity expanded into the global religion.

Believe in Heaven and Hell
What one does now will determine whether he will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell.
Bad deeds – Hell ; Good deeds – Heaven.
Believe that everyone has equal opportunity to achieve eternal happiness but the happiness does not necessarily achieved during the life time. Even though the life on earth is harsh, there will be an award in heaven if one does good deeds and...

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