Budget Planning

Budget Planning

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To: All members of Dekalb City's Financial Advisory Board

Subject: Urgent Meeting to Discuss Changes in the Budget

      Congratulations to all of you who have been appointed as members of the City's Financial Advisory Board. You have been selected based on your credentials in your respective professions. The board, this year, comprises of a diverse group of people representing the different interests of our population. I look forward to working with you and thank you for your continuous contribution to help develop our lovely city of Dekalb.

      I send this urgent message to request your attendance at the first Financial Advisory Board meeting on September 8th.
As you might already know, the central government is cutting our subsidy budget of $600,000. We need to provide the Council recommendations on how to handle this budget cut. We will need to make tough choices. We can cut expenditure, increase revenue, do both or find some other alternative ways to solve this problem. I am relying on your expertise and sound advice to move forward.

See you on Weds. at the meeting!

Kind Regards,

Ora Poocharoen
(City Manager)

Reorganizing Budget either by cutting expenditure or increasing revenue.

* Increase efficiency through consolidation.
* Consolidation of resources such as
Many organizations that previously hesitated to consolidate are now implementing numerous consolidation ideas, which in turn increase efficiency greatly. Sacramento, Calif., CIO Steve Ferguson previously was unable to implement his consolidation ideas, saying, "There's been a culture of departmental IT that has evolved over 20 years and has been very hard to change. But with the budget crisis, the City Manager's Office is definitely more interested." Through actions such as downsizing the number of data centers and consolidating three e-mail systems into one unified messaging system, Ferguson expects to see significant savings in the coming years.
* Make a...

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