Bulling in schools

Bulling in schools

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Bulling in schools is a big problem in society, kids are committing suicide, terrified to go to school; some are skiping school. The victims start becoming mentally damaged by the bullying they start putting other lives in danger. However, bullying is physically, mentally, and psychologically harmful to the bully and victim. Bullying must be exterminated in schools by having more awareness and increasing supervision.
Bullying will mentally and physically scar a victim life. Considering that young kids are cruel to one another during adolescence; their still aware of their actions to another student. With that being said bullies who harass another student are psychologically hurt, sad, damaged and scared inside by the past or the present. Therefore bullying someone gives the bully a since of power. Although the victim is tormented they feel trapped, afraid, suffocated they feel alone; nobody understands, like they don’t belong, useless and worthless. Therefore their mind is mentally, physically and psychologically harm and feel their life has no meaning so they take their own life. Who is there to blame the bullies, teachers, dean? Considering the victims couldn’t tolerate the harassment any longer therefore they took the dilemma to the principle yet he/she didn’t fix the problem. Thus, the victim committed suicide at that very moment now there has to be change.

Bullies are a harm to schools and should be punished by their action. Many people hear, read stories or are victimized by bullies. Kids are tortured mentally, verbally and physiologically. Victims that are being bullied take their own life, if not another or harm someone because they feel hurt, betrayed miss understood etc. Victims are afraid to open up to an adult because their petrified by bullies. There needs to be a change. Bullies are kids who need to be punished by their actions to others no matter what age. Parents sending their kids to school should feel safe and secure at all...

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