An Investigation into
Senior High School Bullying Behaviors & Reasons

施昀辰。國立溪湖高級中學。高三 13 班
黃翎祺。國立溪湖高級中學。高三 13 班

吳淑芬老師 陳明珠老師

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An Investigation into Senior High School Bullying Behaviors & Reasons

I. Introduction
I.1. Motivations
School bullying has been existing around us in Taiwan. However, it hasn’t been
brought to the urgent and public attention until nowadays the mass media
consecutively bring to light the related news coverage. What makes known by the
media must be the tip of the iceberg, let alone those cases unrevealed. According to a
survey reported by Central News Agency (2007), sixty percent of the high school and
elementary pupils in Taiwan have been bullied intentionally or unintentionally. What’s
worse, the victims of school bullying include not only the students but also the
teaching staff (Wu et all, 2010). Undoubtedly, the current school safety has caused
public concerns and worries.
However, most of the people involved have no comprehensive suite of guidance
and strategies on how to tackle or prevent all forms of bullying. In view of the
increasing and worsening unsolved campus violence, this study designed a set of
questionnaire, aiming to probe the potential strategies that those bullied students had
used, and further to provide the bullied victims with effective strategies for

I.2. Purpose of study
The purpose of the study is to probe virtual experiences and feelings of the
bullied students in senior high schools. This study turned to a comprehensive senior
high school in central Taiwan as a sample to conduct a survey. Via a format of
questionnaire, this study collected data of the victims’ personal experiences, aims to
report the types of bullying, reasons for being bullied, and the people they seek help
from. The findings and conclusions can be a reference for related authorities to realize

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