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To me the term bullying means someone treating or abusing someone in an aggressively manner weather its verbal, or electronic communication. It’s also important to define the term bullying accurately because many people define it differently so people would say that a child rips another child paper it’s called bullying and another example is if a child or someone gets bully because he or she is gay and they get beat p everyday that is something that I like is bullying to me, Or even
Going as far as sending another person a threaten e-mail to someone.

The problem in the articles is that student and adults getting bullied weather it’s at school or at work.

Why this problem because the bully has low-self esteem, and feeling of insecurity and they want the other person to fill bad and suffer pain and they think it will make them popular. Some bullies sometimes have a problem at home that they tend to act the way they do. So they bully people just to make themselves feel better.

Who does this problem affect, it affect everyone around you such as your parents, friends, and yourself. Importantly it affect you cause you are the one being bully and you are trying to come up with something to stop the bullying and most of the time most people that are being bullied commits suicide and when you do that it hurts your family. Secondly are your parents when you commit suicide because they are wondering why and then they find out that you were bullied and they could of help you.
And then your friends.

My definition of bullying has not change because I think I was right I was pretty much close or accurate. Having the accurate meaning of the term bulling means you are right. I think that I don’t have too much info but just enough of it to explain it in my terms or my definition of the word bullying.

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