BUS 308(new) UOP Course/ Tutorialrank

BUS 308(new) UOP Course/ Tutorialrank

ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 1 DQ 2 Probability (New)

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The manager of a sandwich shop gathers data on what people spend on lunch on a particular day of the week.
The results are $4.20, $4.22, $2.35, $4.32, $5.25, $6.48, $6.78, $8.59, $6.95, $5.52, $6.83, $7.35, $4.36, $9.39, $6.42.
To the degree that this represents the population of all those who eat lunch at sandwich shops, what percentage of customers spend:
a. less than $4.34?
b. between $3.50 and $4.80?
c. less than $2.35?
Imagine that you are the manager of a sandwich shop. Based on your calculations, what do you think is the best pricing point for your shop? What would you do to increase sales at the sandwich shop?
For additional information on calculating probability refer to the Week One Recommended Resources


ASHFORD BUS 308 Week 5 Final Paper (New)

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Assignment Instructions:
A retail store has recently hired you as a consultant to advise on economic conditions. One important indicator that the retail store is concerned about is the unemployment rate. The retail store has found that an increase in the unemployment rate will cause a lack of consumer spending in their stores. Retail stores use the unemployment rate to estimate how much inventory to keep at their stores, which is important in maintaining cost effectiveness. In this consultant role you will apply calculations and research to create a predictive sales report.
You will complete this project in two parts, but will submit your work as one Word document. Copy and paste your calculations from your Excel workbook into the Word document.
The Final Project must be eight to ten pages in length, excluding title page and...

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