BUS 322 All Quiz

BUS 322 All Quiz

BUS 322 All Quiz

BUS 322 Week 1 Quiz
•Question 1

 An organization's suppliers, customers, and federal regulators are called the:

•Question 2

 The task of an organization is reflected in its ________.

•Question 3

 The study of organizational behavior is concerned with:
•Question 4

 The wide range of tools, knowledge, and/or techniques used to transform inputs into outputs in an organization is called the organization's:

•Question 5

 The Hawthorne studies uncovered the importance of:

•Question 6

 Culture and the study of learned behavior comprise the domain of:

•Question 7

 A significant aspect of total quality management is:

•Question 8

 The first discipline to take the modern corporation as the unit of analysis and emphasize the design, implementation, and coordination of various administrative and organization systems is:

•Question 9

 Troubleshooting is an example of ________.

•Question 10

 The science of human behavior is:

•Question 11

 The human, informational, material, and financial resources of an organization system would be considered ________.

•Question 12

 ________ is defined as the study of individual behavior and group dynamics in organizations.

•Question 13

 The recent emphasis on sources and treatment of hypertension with respect to occupational health and well-being is an example of a contribution from the discipline of ________.

•Question 14

 Which of the following approaches to quality improvement strongly emphasizes statistical modeling techniques?

•Question 15

 A federal regulatory agency can be considered part of an organization's:

•Question 16

 A well-known consequential theory which suggests that right and wrong is determined by the consequence of the action and we should maximize the most good for the greatest number of people is:...

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