BUS 362 Entire Course (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)

BUS 362 Entire Course (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)

BUS 362 Entire Course (Introduction to Entrepreneurship)
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Entrepreneurial Motivation and Rewards. Discuss the motivators/rewards that encourage individuals to begin entrepreneurial careers. What problems might be anticipated if an entrepreneur were to become obsessed with one of these rewards – for example, if he or she had an excessive desire for independence? Respond to at least two of your classmates.

Focus Strategy. Provide an example of an entrepreneurial venture in your community that has successfully implemented a focus strategy to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Describe how you believe the venture protects its market from competition. Respond to at least two of your classmates.

Business Plan. Having taken an Ashford course on entrepreneurship, you have been asked by a friend to offer practical advice on writing a business plan. What advice would you give your friend? Identify five key points you would insist be included in a business plan. Respond to two of your classmates

Venture Selection. You have always wanted to be your own boss and have your own business. What kind of business venture would you choose – start a new business, buy a franchise, or buy an existing business? Discuss why you have made your choice. Identify three advantages to your choice and three pitfalls you may encounter? Respond to two of your classmates.

Identification of Business Opportunity Project. Submit a one page overview of your Business Opportunity Project to include the business idea (new, franchise, operating business) and a list of references to use.

Market Analysis. Why do you think entrepreneurs tend to overestimate market potential? What three steps or techniques would you recommend a new entrepreneur take so that market overestimation doesn’t occur? Respond to two of your...

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