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Bus 375

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Contract Negotiations
BUS 372: Employee & Labor Relations
Sharon Jumper
March 30, 2013


In every labor union there is a contract negotiator. The actual position may be described under a different position title such as: Labor Relation Specialist. The person in this position is responsible for various labor relations matters such as contract negotiations or grievances. According to O*NET online, a labor relation specialist resolve disputes between workers and managers, negotiate collective bargaining agreements, or coordinate grievance procedures to handle employee complaints (O*NET online, 2013).
Labor Relations Specialist Duties

The Labor relation specialist has many tasks assigned to them when dealing with labor disputes. The O*Net online website depicts a summary of what this position entails. The following tasks are a general idea of a person can expect when being placed in this position, please see below (O*NET online, 2013):
* Advise management on matters related to the administration of contracts or employee discipline or grievance procedures.
* Call or meet with union, company, government, or other interested parties to discuss labor relations matters, such as contract negotiations or grievances.
* Draft contract proposals or counter-proposals for collective bargaining or other labor negotiations.
* Draft rules or regulations to govern collective bargaining activities in collaboration with company, government, or employee representatives.
* Identify alternatives to proposals of unions, employees, companies, or government agencies.
* Interpret contractual agreements for employers and employees engaged in collective bargaining or other labor relations processes.
* Investigate and evaluate union complaints or arguments to determine viability.
* Mediate discussions between employer and employee representatives in attempt to reconcile differences.
* Monitor company or workforce adherence to...

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