BUS 402 Strayer Test Bank

BUS 402 Strayer Test Bank

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BUS 402 Strayer Test Bank

All Chapters included with answers.
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All Chapters included with solutions.
Purchase here: http://xondow.com/BUS-402-Strayer-Test-Bank-BUS402TB.htm
BUS 402 Strayer Test Bank

Chapter 1: Entrepreneurs – The Driving Force Behind Small
Chapter 2: Strategic Management and the Entrepreneur
Chapter 3: Choosing a Form of Ownership
Chapter 4: Franchising and the Entrepreneur
Chapter 5: Buying an Existing Business
Chapter 6: Conducting a Feasibility Analysis and Crafting a Winning Business Plan

Chapter 7: Creating a Solid Financial Plan

Chapter 8: Managing Cash Flow

Chapter 9: Building a Guerrilla Marketing Plan

Chapter 10: Creative Use of Advertising and Promotion

Chapter 11: Pricing and Credit Strategies

Chapter 12: Global Marketing Strategies

Chapter 13: E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship

Chapter 14: Sources of Equity Financing

Chapter 15: Sources of Debt Financing

Chapter 16: Location, Layout, and Physical Facilities

Chapter 17: Supply Chain Management

Chapter 18: Managing Inventory

Chapter 19: Staffing and Leading a Growing Company

Chapter 20: Management Succession and Risk Management Strategies in a Family Business

Chapter 21: Ethics and Social Responsibility: Doing the Right Thing

Chapter 22: The...

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