BUS 402 Week 7 Quiz 7 Chapter 14 - Strayer University NEW

BUS 402 Week 7 Quiz 7 Chapter 14 - Strayer University NEW

BUS 402 WK 7 Quiz 7 Chapter 14

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1) The credit crunch has hit those entrepreneurs seeking between $100,000 and ________.

A) $3 million

B) $500,000

C) $1 million

D) $750,000

2) Unlike entrepreneurs of the past, today's entrepreneurs:

A) are finding more government interest and funding for business start-ups than ever before.

B) find fewer closed doors as small business start-ups have become less risky.

C) have to piece their capital together from several sources.

D) are spending nearly 75% of their time raising capital.

3) ________ is any form of wealth used to produce more wealth.

A) Debt

B) Equity

C) Capital

D) Capacity

4) Tien is looking for capital to purchase new buildings and equipment for her small manufacturing company. Tien is looking for ________ capital.

A) Working

B) Fixed

C) Growth

D) Asset-based

5) ________ capital is the pool of temporary funds of the business used to support the normal operation of the business on a short-term basis.

A) Growth

B) Fixed

C) Equity

D) Working

6) The money Bert uses to build inventory for the upcoming Christmas season would be classified as ________ capital.

A) growth

B) working

C) fixed

D) efficiency

7) ________ financing includes the personal investment of the owners and is often called "risk capital."

A) Equity

B) Asset-based

C) Debt

D) Growth

8) The most common source of equity funds used to start a small business is:

A) private investors or "angels."

B) loans from commercial banks.

C) the entrepreneur's pool of personal savings.

D) public stock issues.

9) An advantage of using friends and relatives as investors is that:

A) they tend to be more patient.

B) they take a lower return.

C) they don't want controlling interest in the company.

D) they don't...

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