Bus 475: Integrated Business Topics

Bus 475: Integrated Business Topics

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Kudler Fine Foods

BUS 475: Integrated Business Topics

July 8, 2013

Kudler Fine Foods
There are many variables to be considered when starting and managing a business. It is essential that the mission, vision, and values of the organization be established and followed. The organization must ensure that its mission, vision, and values align with the plans, processes, products, and services. With this said one can easily determine there are two items that are key to every organization, they are activities and relationships which are driven by the company’s mission, vision, and values. Kudler Fine Foods, was founded by Kathy Kudler, who had a great vision and was determined to make her business idea work and work well for others. Kathy Kudler began determined to establish a business that would fill in the gap, provide a much dire need in the right areas. Kathy Kudler established relationships and created activities that allowed her business to grow while ensuring their mission, vision, and values were kept. The purpose of this paper is to state the primary reasons of the organization and explore what the functional interrelationships are of Kudler Fine Foods. This paper will also analyze the type of organizational structure that Kudler Fine Foods supports. It will also identify the collaboration process; provide examples of the types of collaboration, as well as the key stakeholders and what their roles are with Kudler Fine Foods.
Mission, Vision, Values
The reason why Kudler Fine Foods exists is due to Kathy Kudler’s passion for gourmet foods. As she struggled to find gourmet food items in the stores surrounding the area, she realized she was not the only struggling to find gourmet items. There were many other shoppers who wanted the same products she was looking for. Kathy Kudler not only wanted to begin a gourmet food store, she wanted to ensure the highest level of customer service and product quality would be provided. She was able...

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