BUS 475 UOP Courses / uoptutorial

BUS 475 UOP Courses / uoptutorial

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BUS 475 Capstone Final Exam Part 1 and 2

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BUS 475 Capstone Final Examination Part 1
1. In the managerial function of __________, managers encourage and motivate workers to work toward organizational goals.
2. eBay.com is a vast auction site that is similar to a competitive market in some ways but differs from it in others. Which of the following describes how eBay resembles a competitive market?
3. From the point of view of consumer surplus and producer surplus, what problem was created when Thailand subsidized the cost of energy to consumers to help alleviate the burden of higher energy costs?
4. The following is an example of a moral value judgment:
5. Research on the five-stage model of group development shows that
6. A standardized language used to manipulate data is
7. Business communication is often more demanding than social communication because communication on the job is affected by
8. Communication is the process of
9. Aggregate demand management policies are designed most directly to
10. What is a subjective statement?
11. Brenda Butler, editor of the Republican, is trying to decide whether to take a job at a much larger newspaper or to become the CEO and publisher of the Republican. Brenda has to make this decision because of ________.
12. The __________ as the number of levels in the organizational hierarchy increases.
13. Why do some stores offer senior citizen discounts on Tuesdays?
14. What are the benefits of using IM in business communication?
15. Business environment pressures can come from which of the following?
16. The reliability of our observations is not better than the reliability of our ____________.
17. Utilitarianism is
18. Refer to the graph shown. With efficient production, this firm can maximize production at what point?
19. A valid contract must
20. “Fair use” is a defense to copyright infringement that
21. One of the...

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