BUS 499 Complete Course BUS499 Complete Course

BUS 499 Complete Course BUS499 Complete Course

BUS 499 Complete Course BUS499 Complete Course
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BUS 499 Week 1 Discussion 1
"Strategic Competitiveness" Please respond to the following:
From the first e-Activity, determine which of the two primary drivers of the competitive landscape is more influential. Explain your rationale.
Explain which model (I / O model or resource-based model) you believe will best help a firm in the industry you researched earn above-average returns.

BUS 499 Week 1 Discussion 2
"Management’s Responsibility" Please respond to the following:
From the second e-Activity, determine the level of responsibility management had for the business failure you researched. Provide specific examples to support your response.
Create a list of three best practices that not only would have helped the company you researched from failure, but would also apply to the rest of the industry your company was part of. Explain your rationale for selecting these best practices.

BUS 499 Week 1 Quiz 1
Question 1

The “Student Handbook” at Strayer University includes detailed information on Strayer University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Question 2

You do not have to cite information or ideas that you summarize or paraphrase (put it into your own words). 

Question 3

Fabricating a quotation or a source, copying an essay or article from the Internet or an electronic database without quoting or giving credit to the original author are examples of intentional plagiarism.

Question 4

Citing inaccurately or paraphrasing by only changing a few words without changing the sentence structure are examples of unintentional plagiarism.

Question 5

A student cannot be penalized for “unintentional plagiarism”....

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