BUS/560 Final Exam

BUS/560 Final Exam

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BUS560 Final Exam Solution
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BUS 560 Quizzes and Exams

BUS/560 All Quizzes and Exams Solved

1. The Southwind Camper Company's goal is to sell 10,000 camper trailers each year. What can
one conclude from this objective?
A. The company has a customer orientation
B. The company does not adhere to the marketing concept
C. The company is determined to satisfy customer needs
D. The company wants to use a customer focused strategy
2. The process of planning and executing conceptions, pricing, promotion and distribution of ideas,
goods and services to create exchange that satisfy individual and organizational goals is the
definition of
A. Marketing
B. Management
C. Strategic planning
D. Accounting
3. Identify the marketing type which is designed to attract donors, members, participants or
A. Product
B. Organization
C. Place
D. Cause
4. In large organizations, the marketing plans of individual departments are guided by
A. Plans rolled out by the production unit
B. Sales strategies of the marketing department
C. Planning activities of the organizational units
D. Strategic plans or blueprints for the entire organization
5. Which type of marketing would involve strategies to elect a political candidate?
A. Product
B. Service
C. Person
D. Place
6. The organization's mission, objectives, strategies and its portfolio plan are the four major
components of its
A. Strategic plan
B. Mission statement
C. Sales strategy
D. Marketing plan
7. _____ includes all the activities that lead to the development of a clear organizational mission,
organizational objectives and appropriate strategies to achieve those objectives.
A. Strategic planning
B. Organization's growth
C. Financial planning
D. Investment decisions
8. The organization's environment provides the...

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