Bus 610 Week 1

Bus 610 Week 1

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There are a lot of changes that used to happen in day to day life like changing the shoes daily, or following the routine or pattern for some time and as per the requirement can be changed. On the basis of any particular needs and requirements, the things are bound to change for sure. If seen from any organizational point of view, it changes due to some reasons like lesser productivity, less revenue generation, efficiency and so on. Various managers as well as leaders who is not satisfied of their current post keeps on changing the job within a particular interval for a better opportunity and leading to some significant change in their aspects of life. A continuous changes and happening in day to day life is persisting with the hope to have some positive outcome. As a matter of fact, from a country perspective, a certain change happened time to time when required. As far as the change is concerned, the change which overcome the people living there or the change that made the people more comfortable with it created a history and that's what creates a certain culture or sub-culture for a particular country.
As far as the country, United States of America is concerned, is best known for the land of brave, armed forces, advancement in technology, leading changes and so on. With respect to each and every phase of the period, it is taking a step ahead leading to have its various cultures and sub-cultures. Besides this, a number of images and sculptures are there which had a major contribution towards shaping the culture of the country. A country's culture is basically determined by many ways like migration as well as the recruitment. Coming to the American culture, it came into existence from various cultures after the several other people migrated here and all together...

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