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§ 611.2 License Required 1. If one corporation has two franchises existing under it, and the second franchise has a small recruiting office while all other functions operate from the main office at the first franchise location, do the offices have to be licensed separately, or can they be licensed as one agency? Only the entity that is supplying, arranging or scheduling employees or independent contractors to provide home care services, would need to be licensed.

2. Do all branch offices need to be licensed separately, even if all files are kept in a Central Office? Yes, there are no “branch offices” relevant to home care. While there are no geographic restrictions on the home care agency or home care registry, each separate location must have its own license.

3. If a CCRC’s campus location has three (3) separate independent living areas, must each independent living area have its own separate license? No, only one license is required for the campus location. The application should indicate the total number of staff serving consumers that receive home care services.

4. If a CCRC has 2 campus locations at different addresses, must each location have its own license? Yes, a separate license is required for each physical location.

5. Is home care licensure required of CCRCs and other LTC organizations that provide transportation services, but not any of the core personal care services? Yes, a home care license is required because transportation is considered a home care service.

6. How will Department of Health handle CCRCs that have contracted with residents and are legally required to provide services within their contracts? CCRCs that provide home care services are required to be licensed.

7. Are other CCRCs choosing to be licensed? Are they managing this in a different way, such as discontinuing services? Yes, some CCRCs are choosing to be licensed. The Department of Health has also heard...

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