Bush Meat and the Republic of Congo

Bush Meat and the Republic of Congo

Bush Meat In The Republic of The Congo

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
The Republic of The Congo 1
History of the Government 1
Geography 1
Economy 1
The People 1
Congo Facts 1
Bush Meat 1
Definition of the Bush Meat Trade 1
Causes 1
Implications 1
Issue Organizer: 1
What is the Concern: 1
What are the Causes: 1
Implication: 1
Solutions 1
Economic Reform 1
Growth in Agriculture 1
The Final Solution 2
Growth in Agriculture 2
Impact of 100 Million 2
Top Secret 2
The Pygmies 2
Government Embezzlement and Corruption 2
Conclusion 2
Bibliography 2

The beautiful African nation of the Republic of the Congo is rich in many things, petroleum, lumber, gold, culture and in the past wildlife. However, with growing poverty the people of the Congo are faced with a difficult choice. To starve or the break their traditions and culture and purge the rainforest of their most beautiful and prized resource, wildlife.

Men come home bearing large bags of game after a successful hunting day

Preparation for the bush meat hunt of that day

That days catch being roasted for dinner

There are many different types of animals that are targeted in the bush meat trade, which is uncontrolled hunting of animals that inhabit the rainforsts. Big game like apes chimpanzees antelope and pigs account most of the deaths with over 1000 endangered lowland apes being killed yearly in just the Republic of Congo alone. The people of the Congo are eating their wildlife to extinction and this will cause many biodiversity problems in the rainforest of the Republic of Congo.
The Republic of The Congo
History of the Government
Before colonialism, the Republic of the Congo was split into three separate kingdoms; the Kongo, the Longo and the Tio. In 1482 the Portuguese located the Congo River and the natives of Congo were put to work mostly in the slave trade. In 1880, the French lead by Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza took over control of the...

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