Busi 610 Discussion Board Questions

Busi 610 Discussion Board Questions

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Chapter 7

Mass customization can be defined as using mass-production technology to quickly and cost-effectively assemble goods that are uniquely designed to fit the demands of the individual customers (Daft, 2013, p. 274). The advent of the digital factory has afforded many manufacturers to become a much more efficient and effective organization. Demand for information and automation systems in manufacturing is soaring. Technologies or systems in high demand include programmable controls, robotic systems, supervisory controls, data acquisition and information management systems. These systems deliver high-quality, reliable and repeatable solutions to customers, improving their processes. When the systems are in place, the digital factory reaches its ultimate level to improve quality, customer service, and cost cutting when all parts are used interdependently and combined with flexible management processes in a system is referred to as lean manufacturing (Daft, 2013, p. 272).

The application of technologies and processes used manufacturing organizations can also be successfully applied to service firms. Service firms have recognized the importance of these processes and have implemented them in order to become more efficient providers. Even though there is no tangible output or product produced by a service firm as compared to a manufacturing organization, both strive to give the customer what they want.

. The health care industry has witnessed how the economic downfall has dramatically affected the way they do business. No longer are people able to afford to travel to a well-known hospital for their care, they are now using the local facilities around their homes. Many hospitals saw a decline in the number of patients that came through the doors for care. To regain those lost patients, hospitals implemented new strategies for improved technology and providing a service that was of higher value or meant more to the patient.

As a nurse...

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