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Contextual Environment


The assessment is an individual essay/report on a specific organization that you choose. You must agree your choice of organization with your tutor. This must be agreed by the end of the class in week 3.
You may not choose from the following organizations as they will be considered during the course
Euro-Disney, Ben & Jerry’s, Irish ports.

For an organisation of your choice

Analyse the general and industry environment in which that firm operates. (70%)

Evaluate the importance of stakeholder analysis in the development of the organisations strategy. (30%)

The questions may be answered in either academic essay or report form. In either form your analysis should be logically structured with clearly presented arguments and appropriate supporting evidence.

References All sources should be cited and referenced using the Harvard Referencing system. The principles of the Harvard Referencing system are detailed on the Essential website

Essential Website - http://essential.bcbs.bcu.ac.uk

Word Limit 3,000 words

Deadline 5pm Friday 27 March.
The assignments should be placed in the drop box on the 2nd level of the Galton building (opposite G236). You should fill in a hand-in sheet and attach it to the assignment prior to posting in the drop box

Assignment Guidance

Part one

The organization chosen does not have to be UK based. The key element is ensuring you can find sufficient material on its external environment.

Descriptive material eg on the organization’s history, activities and description of the frameworks adopted can be put in an appendix/appendices. Descriptive material in appendices will not count as part of the word limit. You can then focus on your main text analysis in order to answer the specific questions set.

The analysis of the general and industry environment should employ a PESTLE and a five forces analysis. Also be aware of the links between the general...

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