business 210 appendix e

business 210 appendix e

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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems

This is an old or outdated computer system that is still in use even after the system has updated. The company has kept it around, because they have put a lot of money into the system to get rid of it. It may still hold some valuable data.
Mainframe computers
Large computers that is capable of supporting hundreds of computers at once.
Is a chip that people use to be able to program their own personal computer the way they want it to be.
Someone’s personal computer that they use at home or at work. They can store data and have passwords so nobody else is able to get into it and retrieve any of the information that they have put on it.
Network computers
Network computers are computers that are used in a business that are linked to the same server.
World Wide Web and Internet
The worldwide web and internet is a way to retrieve and share information from a computer all over the world.
Wired and wireless broadband technology
Wired and wireless broadband is internet through a cable or phone line, which is used to send or receive different types of information.
PC software
PC software is what is inside the computer. There are many different types of software that can be installed onto a computer.
Networking software
Networking software is used so that two or more companies are able to be linked together. When they are linked together, they can share files and lots of other information.
Computer security software

Computer security software is software that companies use to protect their information. If this software is not used, they take the chance of people outside of the company hacking into their system and stealing their information.

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