Business Analysis

Business Analysis

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One of strengths that synops’s can use when trading in the eastern European countries is that there are no longer of different standards such as ISO 9000 and EU etc this therefore hinders the acceptance of produce or components which means products no longer need to be altered before crossing borders. This therefore decreases costs and risk of non conformity for Synops.

Strength is that of the existing networks of the firm and its home base in the older Eu member state which allows it to benefit from existing networks and commercial bilateral agreement with specific countries that are now parts of the Eu.

With the new entrants now obeying most of the same rules and regulations as other Eu member states there is the weakness of the language differences. This is very important and this weakness appears as soon as the firm starts to look for market information in Poland and Czech Republic. These problems do not disappear quickly.

The financial and informational resources of synops are small and for a consulting company it is a drawback for its potential growth and financial health.

Synops activities split into 6 product ranges and of them being raw material. For certain products like raw material the competition is intense. The competition needs to be clearly identified in order to minimize any threats.

Common regulation applied to 25 countries in concerns to customs and transport and especially for quality standards. This legal harmonization acts as real catalyst for exports and outsourcing. This is therefore is a huge advantage for synops business development.

The enlargement by the Eu has represented the biggest opportunity but at the biggest challenger at the same time for synops. Jerome also knows that with the lack of financial of resources especially financial and information resources being small it would be costly for Synops to carry out research for the 10 new entering countries. Since the...

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