Business and Society

Business and Society

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BUS105 Unit 2 Individual Assignment

BUS105 Unit 2 Individual Assignment
BUS105-0805B-01, IP-2

Part of having a successful business is developing a plan. That plan includes setting goals, implementing strategies to achieve those goals, and using tactics when applying those strategies. Speedy Delivery Packaging and Supplies has a very strategic business plan. We have incorporated our mission statement and developed a strategic plan by setting specific, measurable, adjustable, realistic, and timely goals for the business (Ebert and Griffin, 2005). These plans consist of potential growth, investments, competition and products, a desired public image, and financial projections . I will discuss the strategic ways that we will achieve each of our desired goals for the business and whether they are perceived as short-term, intermediate, or long-term goals.

Unit 2 Individual Assignment
Speedy Delivery Packaging and Supplies Mission Statement
Our mission statement concentrates on four key components; customers, investor, employees, and the community.
We aim to operate an ethical business providing quality products and service.
We value our customers as the foundation of our business. Our relations with customers and suppliers are based on principles of respect and mutual benefit. We will adapt to consumer needs and develop lasting relations.
We have a long-term responsibility to our stakeholders. Our objective is to earn the profits needed to provide a consistent increase in the value of our investors, and the growth of our business.
We respect employees and value their contribution to the business as part of the team. Commitment, leadership, and accomplishment lead to satisfied, motivated workers. Our goal is to work together to train, develop, and reward employees.
Our actions must acknowledge our responsibilities to the community. We will support the community and pledge to donate a contribution of 1.5% of our total profits to charitable...

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