Business Communications Letter

Business Communications Letter

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Dr. Richard Kleeberg 28 January 2013
Professor of Law & Management
Solano Community College
Fairfield, CA 94533

Dear Dr. Kleeberg,

Of the many technological advancements that occurred during the 20th century, the one with the largest impact on how we communicate is the cell phone. The cell phone allow us to communicate instantly anywhere in the world by voice, text, and internet. This technology has brought the world to the palm of our hands.

The invention and wide distribution of the cell phone during the 20th century has revolutionized the way the world communicates. Never before have we been able to instantly transmit information to as wide an audience. People can call relatives across the country and across the world while driving their car, doing their laundry, or sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. We are no longer tethered to the phone in our living room.
Text messaging has changed the way we communicate, especially for the younger generations. The cell phone has changed the way teen agers communicate with each other and their parents. We no longer have to call another person to communicate a small note or message; we can now send a text message to convey simple information
Internet access on our phones has changed the way we do business and take care of our personal finances. We no longer have to be present at the bank to do financial transactions because we can log in to our accounts from our phones to take care of business. We can also share on the spot information with family and friends via social sites like Facebook and Twitter.
The invention and rapid evolution of the cell phone has made a huge impact on how we communicate. Instant communication through voice, text, email, and phone accessible social media has revolutionized information disseminination in the 20th century and beyond....

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