RubaPlc is a large organization operating in few sectors such as FMCG, Hotel, Pharmaceutical, transport, logistics. It is thinking of further expanding its pharmaceutical sector because they think it is a profitable sector. As a part of the plan they intend to build a new hospital, but they don’t have enough finance to finance this investment. They are looking out for various methods to finance. Think you are a consultant and help them to figure out the best source of finance
1.1 identify the sources of finance available for this investment (P1)

1.2 assess the implications of the different sources

1.3 evaluate appropriate sources of finance for the business project

Task 02
2.1 Analyze the costs of financing methods suggested in task 1.1
2.1 Financial planning is the task of determining how a business will afford to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. Usually, a company creates a Financial Plan immediately after the vision and objectives have been set. The Financial Plan describes each of the activities, resources, equipment and materials that are needed to achieve these objectives, as well as the timeframes involved. Explain the importance of financial planning to an organization.
2.3 Decision making is an important task of managers in a business. Briefly explain characteristics of different information required for decision making and discuss main types of decisions taken by managers and directors.
2.4 According International Accounting Standards explain how the cost of finance discussed in task 1.1 can be accounted for in financial statements.

Task 3
The XYZ company produces three products x, y and Z. for the coming accounting period budgets are to be using the following information
Budgeted sales
Product X 2000 units
Product Y 4000 units’
Product Z 3000 units’

Standard usage of raw material
Wood varnish
Kg per unit liters per unit

Product X 5 2
Product y 3 2
Product Z 2...

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