Business Ethics Is Oxymoron or Not?

Business Ethics Is Oxymoron or Not?

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1.0 Introduction

This essay will discuss theory emphasis whether ‘Business Ethics is an oxymoron or Not’. this can be done by providing a brief explanation on how business and ethics mutually work in the business fields. The essay will be supported with evidence from academic resources and reference materials that might aid to uncover appropriate information toward the issue.

Ethics in general refers to the idea of being right or wrong based on moral principle (Nick Arrizza). This includes factor such as: policies, laws, and regulation. But, ethics in business environment is more than that; it is more complex and strict as it involves all of organizations aspects or better known as ‘code of ethics’. Despite the fact, “code of ethics are a mean by which organizations seek to exercise power, control, and ownership” (Betsy Stevens); the term still has a strong influence towards companies and become a key success in business ground. However, not all companies doing their business ethically; indeed, they are far away and despite themselves from being ethical in order to achieve what they want.

2.0 Discussion

2.1 Oxymoron

Historically, business had been occurred since early 18th century by public. One main example is man named Robert clive who was apparently worked at East India company and he did a corruption which gave him a lot of fortunes in the form of money. Furthermore, He successfully reallocate his ‘ ill-gotten’ from India to England where he was came from and as the results, the company faced a worse situation where employees were found guilty for had an illegal transaction for sold drugs to china without being known by the company (Murray Weidenbaum). This definitely showing that un-ethic business isn’t a new trend in nowadays business; in fact, People generally are expected to have negative perception in term of ‘businesses’. They think business is not longer as good as it was before and hard to be trust. This also supported by...

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