Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Introduction (150 words)
Nowadays, we live in a world where 88 percent of young people believe that companies have a responsibility to support social causes and 86 percent of them say that they switch brands based on social issue. In addition to that, many corporations have addressed corporate social responsibility to their mission, they have carried out many actions, for example, after widespread drawbacks such as low quality products polluting CO2 into the air, on the website1 of Ford Motor Company, they have delivered a message that the company will go natural and make a better world and the vowed made by Ford chairman to be the world’s most environmentally friendly auto maker, however, it turns out years later that their new model named Excursion is far from that vow. Until now, Ford autos are still polluting the most among others.

Community (1000 words)

Chapter 2
Quan điểm ủng hộ Corp.:
Utilitarianism: hi sinh thiểu số => good over bad for everyone affected
Cost-benefit Analysis: Ford….
The Broader View of CSR: Phe ủng hộ cho rằng “No more rooms to impose CSR because material impact on employees is too big” (tao còn phải làm kinh doanh, ko có time mà quan tâm đến cả thiên hạ đc)
Consequentialist arguments
Deotological arguments
Phe phản đối nói lại: Đúng là corp. cần phải phục vụ economic interests, nhưng điều đấy không có nghĩa là chúng mày raid the pension funds of employees (chiếm đọat quỹ hưu trí tại Mỹ), evade taxes through creative accounting or by re-incorporating in tax havens such as Bermuda (CASE) (đọc thêm page 233: General Electric case)…..

Quan điểm chống lại Corp:
Immanuel Kant (Kant’s ethics)
The Stakeholder Model of CSR
Child labour, forced labour, inhuman working conditions, despoliation of the environment
The King Report
Các ví dụ kinh điển:
a. Nổ bình gas: Ford Pinto.
i. Kant’s response to the idea of placing a monetary value on a human life, morally legitimate?
ii. Ford’s Responsibilities to...

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