Business Etiquette in Bangladesh

Business Etiquette in Bangladesh

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Business Communication: Cultural Differences of Communication in Bangladesh

Comm 498 Kazi Ahmed 23rd September 2013 56006109

I. Introduction. • The culture of business communication in Bangladesh shares a blend of Indian sub continental traits as well as attributes from the Middle East due to the popularity of Islam. • The corporate and business culture in Bangladesh is still considered to be developing therefore, it is not always common to observe business communication norms to be exercised equally amongst all corporate and business executives. • Despite the official language being Bangla, English is also widely spoken in Bangladesh

II. Greeting • The formal greeting with a Bengali is almost always “Assalamu-al-aikum” which is replied with “Walaikum- As-Salam”; a trait observed in any Islamic country around the world. • • A firm handshake and a cordial smile are always expected to assist the “Salam” greeting. Due to the prevailing conservative society in Bangladesh, it is always best to wait until the woman lends a hand for a shake or else, a simple greeting would suffice. • After introduction, a formal exchange of visiting cards is shared and the communication begins in a very formal and indirect manner. If the communication is amongst a foreigner and esp. a westerner, the style is almost always formal and very indirect unless a long history of personal acquaintance is present. III. Conversation Etiquette • It is not important to establish or maintain a distance when speaking to someone. In terms of eye contact it is somewhat expected however, it should be noted that Bengali women may be shy to maintain an eye contact at the first meeting. • Bengalis in nature are very courteous and polite in nature. Facial expression is always an important factor while having a conversation. In Bengali, there is proverb “face is the index of the mind”, which many prow to.

The tone of conversation should always be set to being soft spoken and directness...

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