Business Growth Plan

Business Growth Plan

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A business growth plan is more tactical and works as a subset of the business plan it sets out growth objectives for the business and details the elements and activities requiring attention to achieve the objectives (Edwards 2013).

For an established enterprise, a business growth plan focuses on two things:
The strategic development of the business itself
An operational review of the Competences & Capabilities of the entrepreneur and the management team.
The business growth plan is a powerful tool that is driven by the personal growth aspirations of the entrepreneur (which also includes a reasonable exit strategy) and also as a means of assembling opportunities for growth into a plan that is possible to deliver (Hart, 2013).

The essay will critically analyse the goals, vision and anticipated impact of the growth ambitions of the business growth plans of the SME.

Overview of the company:

_______ is a UK based SME that operates in the recruitment sector successfully recruiting interim managers, contractors and permanent staff for Blue Chip companies and Super Brands in the energy sector, financial services, business and professional services and multi-channel retailers. The company has an annual turnover of approximately £700,000 that is roughly 5% of the regional market share.

Business Vision & Growth Plans:

_______’s vision for the business is driven by two key factors –
Key shortages that are being created by the talent paradox.
Lack of creative, technical and commercial skills in the work force that might hinder growth.

_______ has the ability to determine ‘real talent’ and plans to exploit this core theme to create new product streams and its own market. The company envisions that by 2017, the senior executives will consider the organization as most reliable due to improved...

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