Business Information Management

Business Information Management

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Introduction and Information Technologies an Internet giant. the story of innovation

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Good IT management: better service

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Final Essay: Business Information Management


Today, one of the most important and difficult challenges for many companies is to answer the question: how get to more value from knowledge? Many organizations have approached this problem in recent years by making big investments in Information Technologies systems, such as content repositories and databases. But, despite this huge investments, many companies have not seen much in the way of returns. A particularly illustrative example is a Fortune 50 manufacturing firm that put more than 3 million documents. Previously all this documents were dispersed in more than 2,000 different systems. After investing into new Information Technologies system they succeeded to put them into one database. In the first three years, the project’s budget came to more than $22 million. The problem is that, this system mostly created confusion, as no changes were made in the way documents were presented to employees or to help them navigate the new system. The anticipated benefits from the substantial investment went largely unrealized. You can say it is just a single example that’s why this story sounds so bad, but I sure you: it is not uncommon. International Data Group’s IDC edited a research report i which they estimated that an organization employing 1,000 knowledge workers might easily incur a cost of more than $6 million per year in lost productivity as employees fail to find existing knowledge they need, waste time searching for nonexistent knowledge and recreate knowledge that is available but could not be located. Imagine the impact on an organization with 50,000 or more employees. So, let’s try to understand, what are the Information technologies nowadays, how are they used, why they are so...

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