Business Management & Leadership

Business Management & Leadership

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Business Management and Leadership

Kristian Velasco

BUSI 610, Liberty University

Professor Clifton Howell


In this manuscript we will discuss a quantity of subjects relating various ideas affecting business management and leadership. Based out of published journal articles, the ideas, concerns, and observations in this literature review was derivative of a range of peer-reviewed and well-researched studies. These articles that depicts a collective perception of how business management and leadership were developed, discusses the pertinent changes that are interrelated with consumer demands, and examines the general outlook of where the field of business is shifting in direction. Furthermore, to develop the most cultivated and accurate evidence, voluminous and diverse leadership designs and practices—definite and contingent upon specific organizational purposes—were debated. Business management and leadership are constantly changing. The ever-changing culture, consumer behavior and varying technological advances will be reviewed with a purpose of providing rationalizations to the recent point of views regarding management and leadership in business organizations.

What is Business?

Management and leadership in the arena of business encompass the most essential aspects of an organization. Upon an extensive research and review of various literatures relating business management and leadership, there is a common theme that appears to be prevalent in today’s business world. Although it involves many disciplines that are subcategorized within various topics, such as marketing, technology, finance, and etc., the common theme illustrates that the theoretical foundations of business all encompass the subjects of social dimensions, environmental influences, and ethical behaviors (Blocher, Stout, Juras, & Cokins, 2013). In addition to these findings, there is a...

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