Business Management

Business Management

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Long-Term Orientation (LTO) – Describes the range at which a society illustrates a pragmatic future oriented perspective instead of a conventional historic or short term point of view.

The United States scores 29 UK at 25 on this dimension indicated that they are a short-term oriented culture. As a result, it is a culture focused on traditions and fulfilling social obligations. Given this perspective, Kraft food and Cadbury would measure their performance on a short-term basis, with profit and loss statements being issued on a quarterly basis. This also drives individuals to strive for quick results within the work place. Longer term relationship building and long term investment projects are not their focus.

Management style

Kraft policy is to focus on business- how to maximize profit and reduce cost, this is based on the philosophy of Americans who emphasize on individualism.

Kraft’s culture is more performance oriented and is more focused on the meeting of sales and performance goals.

Reward system
Most staff and managers perform in relation to the personal rewards they get. One contrary, in Cadbury most rewards they expect are based on group performance.

Americans are individualists and they emphasize personal achievement and personal welfare rather group of people or group or community as a whole”.
Kraft’s culture is less communal and the working atmosphere is unlike a family atmosphere, in that people view each other as merely working colleagues and do not share deep friendships with one another. Staff and managers in Kraft are productive and focused in their work and most of them have a passion for business.

But the philosophy of British society is totally different and its focused on group rather individual welfare. British people give importance to communities and fixed the common goals to achieve in a group.

British people are concerned they are very much national culture oriented people and they believe in trust...

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