business management

business management

Woolworths Limited
The Woolworths Limited already demonstrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) and developing a stakeholder to know their views and expectations about a broad range of issues relating to their business.

As an employer of more than 198,000 people, they attempt to provide security to employees realize their potential. Benefits are what employees looking for and seeking out employers whose working practices match their own principles. Companies are being forced to improve working conditions to hire and retain skilled employees. Professional development and training, a safe and healthy workplace and career opportunities. Consequently, they focused on evolving, building and diversifying the capability of their people for current and opportunities. To advance opportunities for Indigenous Australians they launched Reconciliation Action Plan. In 2011, with staff in Progressive Enterprises Limited, Dick Smith and Liquor surveyed regular employee engagement surveys are conducted.

Moreover, stakeholders are becoming more interested in business affairs. Woolworths is committed to continuous development, accountability and transparency. They will not tolerate workplace misconduct under any circumstances and trade partner are what they needed to work with. Woolworths has long-standing, accepted procedures and clear, for trade partners to information matters. Still, they recognize there is always chance to reinforce their organizations. They even familiarized the Speak Up service to use for trade partners when normal escalation methods have been inappropriate or are exhausted. Breaches of law or instances are the questions that can be informed over the Speak Up service where that dealings with the Woolworths business division or employee have created or are likely to create issues are what trade partners believe.

Besides, CSR in environmentally responsible are respecting the environment in the process of doing business. It...

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