Business Management

Business Management

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Managing and Leading Organizations

This paper will introduce my leadership style beginning with a reflection of my scores from each category of the Seven Habits Profile scores. These will be followed by evaluations of my strengths weaknesses and recommendations. Utilizing these analyses, I will also include two SMART goals intended to improve my leadership practice.
Seven Habits Profile Reflection
I understand the Seven Habits Profile to be used as a tool to quantify nine category scores. The first two are foundational habits of the Seven Habits while the remaining seven are the Seven Habits. My ratings are as follows:
16/18 Emotional Bank Account
17/18 Life Balance
15/18 Be Proactive
13/18 Begin with the End in Mind
13/18 Put First Things First
18/18 Think to Win
18/18 Seek to Understand First
17/18 Synergy
13/18 Sharpen the Saw

A reflection of these scores indicates that I have areas to improve. The high scoring categories may indicate my ability and willingness to modify my leadership style with the situation at hand. I further believe the score indicate that I work well with people and may be more creative with those relationships. I do pay attention to relationships with interdependencies within relationships leading to the high score in Win-Win. The scores in category 4 and 5 may indicate a conflict between the task and relationship leadership practices. I will detail each category in the following paragraphs.
According to Covey, The first three of the Seven Habits are representative of the Maturity Continuum show the relationships among the Seven Habits and illustrates the stages of progression through dependence to interdependence. When you live habits one, two and three you master yourself. You must master the private victory before you can be effective with other people. ("7 Habits Jump Start: 1-3," n.d.)
Addressing the first two category scores allows me to reflect upon my everyday life in connection with Emotional Bank...

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