business management

business management

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Part A Network diagram

1.0 Intraduction of Network diagram (AoA and AoN)
According to Russell and Taylor (2000), project network diagram is regarded as a graphical method, which could be applied to represent project activities and precedence relationship. In a project, the network diagram could provide a simple visual-display of activities, with-difficulty in representing-complex precedence relationships to satisfy the requests of different purposes and-functions (Tavares, 2002). Generally, the project network diagram can be classified in two methods: AoA (activity-on-arrow) and AoN (activity-on-node). In AoA network diagram, an arrow is applied to represent an activity, a node is applied to represent the beginning and the finishing of the activity. Each activity corresponds-to an arrow and a pair-of node. According to O’Brien and Plotnick (2006), the AoA network could be translated into time-scaled network, which could help user to understand each activity’s execution time schematically, by drawing the length-of an arrow proportional-to the duration-of an activity. In AoN network diagram, a node symbolizes an activity and an arrow symbolizes relationship between two activities. The AoN network could be modified easily, demonstrate various dependency relations, and need a small amount of calculation, since this network has less-nodes, more clear and simple-graphics and no-dotted lines. Thus, this network could be applied to large scale systematic-engineering, especially to the level-one networks or overall-networks (Neumann and Schwindt, 1997).

1.1 Comparison of two network diagrams
In order to identify which diagram is better, this report will compare two diagrams in teams of their effectiveness and flexibility.

1.1.1 Effictiveness
Accroding to Reiss (2013), AoN method is easier to apply while the dependency relations are not intense. In addition, since the AoN network diagram emphasizes on the activities, it could be understood and applied...

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