Business Mba

Business Mba

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Module Handbook


Module code: UMAC4N-15-M

Module Leader: Dr Sandra Laurent

Teaching Team: Dr Sandra Laurent (Module leader)
Room 123 Felixstowe Court

Chris Worthington
Room 123 Felixstowe Court

Overall module objectives

To allow students to appreciate how managers can and should use financial information for decision making. To give students knowledge of accounting concepts that will enable them to use financial managers and accountants as sources of expert advice, so that they can both brief them and understand their recommendations and reasoning.

The course aims to develop awareness and understanding of financial information and to test students’ ability in producing, analyzing and interpreting that information.

Teaching/Learning approach

The module will be delivered through a mixture of lecturing and practical exercises. The use of case studies and journal articles will stimulate student interaction and the development of inter-personal skills.

Use of the module textbooks

The two textbooks that will be used are:
“Accounting for Managers: Interpreting accounting information for decision-making”, by Paul Collier. This will be provided for you.

‘Corporate Finance: Principles and Practice’, by Watson and Head. An electronic version of the 4th edition of this book is available via the library catalogue. Alternatively you can buy the 5th edition; however you only need to read certain sections of this book.

The module and teaching plan has been designed to relate directly to the text so students are asked to read the relevant chapters of the textbooks in order that they will have a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the problems to be solved in the workshop exercises.


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