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Business Memo

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Date: 20 January 2009

To: Mary Bailie

From: Danny Dang

Subject: Code of Ethics Summarization Report

Ethics is an important topic in today’s business world. Many companies in the United States and around the world are encouraged to adopt Code of Ethics into their business practices.

Ethics is the study of moral values and moral behavior which serves as a guide to support organizations’ decisions, behaviors, and actions. As a part of new establishing Northern Illinois Clothing Inc, one of the largest clothing retailers, we are committed in making ethics a priority in our organization.

Our goal is to design a Code of Ethics to prevent misconduct and to help management in making ethical decision. At the same time, a code of ethics can provide the basis for our employees and customers in understanding our missions, values, and principles.

Prior to design and create a code of ethics for our company, we need to understand the ethical values and standards of companies in the same industry. In addition, we also need to learn how these companies express these values and standards through their daily business functions. I have researched into American Eagles Outfitters, Gaps Inc., and Abercrombie & Fitch and able to summarize the key element in their code of ethics.

Generally, all three companies and majority of corporations in the clothing industry have similar ethical standards or principles as follow:

• Child Labor
• Forced or Involuntary Labor
• Disciplinary Actions and Harassment
• Nondiscrimination
• Freedom of Association
• Healthy and Safety
• Environment Protection

Corporation Beliefs

• Even though each company operates in its own way; however, they are all committed to protect the environment and focus humanitarian works and sponsors. By law, companies are required to ensure their working condition meet the standards of safety. They are required to follow the environment protection...

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