Business Notes

Business Notes

Business- AWB International

Had a good rep as it supported thousands of aussie farmers
Main buyer is Middle East, particularly Iraq
AMB was found to be engaging in practices that inflated prices of wheat and provided income to the Sudaam Hussein regime
The Australian gov got involved and investigated called the ‘Cole Commission’
AMB manager denied all wrongdoing
Witnesses from within AMB came forward and reported the opposite
AMB faced charges of deceiving the UN and Australian gov
This caused AMB to have a poor financial performance due to major stakeholders pulling out and loss of business reputation
AMB can continue to operate but will never reach the same level of success

Ex. 8.4
1. Activity that supports or encourages a cause, venture, or aim.
2. Inform, persuade and remind a target market about its products
3. Advertising, personal selling and relationship marketing, sales promotions, publicity and public relations
4. Provides businesses with the flexibility to reach a large audience or to focus on a small market segment.
5. Mass marketing, direct marketing catalogues, telemarketing, e-marketing, social media advertising, and billboards.
6. To communicate with a mass market, social media is great because of the accessibility, the simplicity and the large amount of people that use social media. For niche marketing, direct marketing catalogues, telemarketing etc. is better as it targets specific markets more.

. Publicity is the act of raising awareness of the product and putting it out there. Public relations in the aftermath of publicity e.g. reviews, reputations etc.

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