Business of Society

Business of Society

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Problem of Sustainability - Environmental

'Alert as raw sewage pours into Firth of Forth'
Author: Ian Sample
date:23 April 2007
Publisher: The Guardian, London
In this article, where due to pump breakdown raw sewage was discharged into the Firth of Forth. Gordon Greenhill, head of community safety at Edinburgh city council, told the BBC: " If raw sewage in the water comes into contact with the human or animal population, people walking in the beach, then there's always a risk. Raw sewage obviously has E coli and the implications for the young and elderly are always there..." Though the Edinburgh city council put up signs not bathe or wash hands in the sea water. General public is being informed not to throw any tampons, sanitary towels , condoms, cotton buds, nappies and nappy liners because these are not what people want to see washed up on beach.
The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency said that "necessary step" were being taken to avoid and minimise pollution.
Green party Holyrood candidate Mark Ballard said:” The Firth is home to a rich variety of wildlife, and the area is a European Special Protection Area for Birds..."
This is really a major threat to the Environment, human beings can be asked not to go near or bathe in the water but what about animals. Large discharge of sewage can kill marine animals by starving the water of oxygen. Human effluent has poisoned the water which is really dangerous. Human beings need to care regarding their wastages. Government need to take more strict action so that it does not happen in future.

Principles of Sustainable Development

‘New York to follow London’s example with congestion charge’
Author: Dan Glaister
date: 23rd April 2007
publisher: The Guardian, London

In this article, where Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York unveiled plans for congestion charges. Mr. Bloomberg pledged to make the New York
“a brighter, healthier and more economically prosperous city”. New York plans were...

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