Business Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals Excipients Market, 2015-2025 by FMI

Business Opportunities in Pharmaceuticals Excipients Market, 2015-2025 by FMI

Excipients Market
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Report Description
A pharmaceutical excipient, also referred as bulking agent, filler, or diluent, is a natural or
synthetic substance formulated with the active ingredient of a medication, included in a
pharmaceutical dosage form to aid the manufacturing process, to protect, support or
enhance stability, or for bioavailability or patient acceptability. They are also helpful in
product identification and enhance the overall safety or functionality of the product during
storage or use.

Thousands of different excipients are used in medicines and make up, on average, about
90% of each product. They represent a market value accounting about 0.5% of the total
pharmaceutical market according to industry experts.
The growth of the global market of pharmaceutical excipients is driven by the factors such
as growing demand of functional excipients, increasing demand of generics, and
emergence of new excipients in the market.
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Segmentation of Pharmaceutical Excipient Market
Segmentation on basis of functionality:
Excipients can be classified into 7 categories on the basis of the kind of function they
perform: diluents, binders, disintegrants, glidants, lubricants, tablet coating & films and
coloring agents.

Report Description
Diluents, which include sugar compounds such as lactose, dextrin, glucose, sucrose,
sorbitol etc., and inorganic compounds such as silicates, salts of calcium & magnesium,
sodium chloride etc., are used for providing bulk and enables accurate dosing of potent
Binders are mainly natural or synthetic polymers such as starch, sugar alcohols...

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