Business P1

Business P1

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Building your introduction

|No |Question |
|1 |What is the name of the company featured in your report? |
|2 |What does the company do? This is known as its CORE MARKET |
|3 |Is it a single unit of operation or does it have more than one branch? |
|4 |What is its legal status? |
|5 |Explain the theory behind this to your reader. |
|6 |To which industrial sector does the organisation belong? |
|7 |Explain the links it may have to other industrial sectors, if any |
|8 |Is the company operating locally, regionally, nationally, or global? |
|9 |Put a map in the appendices to the project, clearly labelled with source identified |
|10 |When did/will the company start trading? |
|11 |Has the legal status changed over a period of time? |
|12 |How quickly has it/will it grow(n)...

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