Business Paper for 437

Business Paper for 437

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Jessica Ortiz

Kelly Quintana-Wagner

Gloria Vigil

Project Proposal Paper

July 22, 2008


Project Management

Workshop #2

Instructor Dr. Robert Lee

Title: Project Proposal Paper
Subject: Planning a Wedding
Background and statement of need:
Happily Ever After Wedding Planning Services is a business that takes the stress and worries out of planning a wedding for the bride and groom. The staff of Happily Ever After will assist customers through the entire planning process and create an extraordinary wedding experience to remember for the rest of the customer’s life. Happily Ever After will provide options, recommendations, and most importantly, oversee every detail. The wedding experience will be made enchanting for the bride and groom, their family, and guests. Happily Ever After provides every bride and groom their own personal wedding consultant with a team of professionals to help create the wedding of their dreams. The wedding consultant and his or her staff will assist the bride and groom in all aspects of planning their wedding. The consultant will provide advice and assistance with acquiring attire, invitations, decorations, music, food, and other aspects of the wedding, making each couples wedding unique. Well stated
Project Stakeholders:
The project stakeholders are the Bride and Groom, Jackie Martinez and Gilbert Vigil. Jackie and Gilbert will be approving all of the resources for the project and holding the team of Happily Ever After accountable for results. Additional stakeholders are the bride and grooms parents, grandparents, family members, wedding party, and every one involved in the preparation and production of the wedding itself. VG

Project goals in terms of triple constraint:
Happily Ever After is looking to expand the business into other family functions such as; family reunions, anniversaries, birthday parties...

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