Business Paper

Business Paper

Total Marks: 100 Time: 3 Hours
(The paper may be attempted on separate/same sheet by students)


Marks: 40
Fill in the blank

Management is the process of getting right ______________ at right ___________.

There are _____________ management functions.

Scientific management is developed by ____________________.

Planning involves to develop a process for achieving ___________________.

There are __________ types of plans.

Norming is ____________ stage of group development.

Leading is the process of ______________.

Communication is process of __________________ qualified people.

Goals are derived from ____________________.


Planning is the process to answer the questions like what, where, when why.

Scientific management describe the three rules of management.

Quantitative management approach is using mathematical and statistical modeling to find the best solutions to problems.

Behavioral approach is based on behaviors of owners and their activities.

Management roles are presented by Henry Fayol.

Decisional roles are further divided into fives roles.

Transactional leaders enhance the motivation, moral and performance of followers.

Transformational leaders says that workers are motivated by rewards and punishments.

The control process is used to set benchmarks for standards.

Trait theory of leadership is used to predict leadership effectiveness.

Select correct answer

Trait theory of leadership assure that people inherit certain



Personality and Behavior

All of above

Barriers to effective communication are

The use of unfamiliar terms

Difference in perception and viewpoint

physical disabilities such as hearing and speech

All of above

Organizational communication consist of




All of above

Stages of group development are

Forming, Norming, Storming, performing

Forming, Storming,...

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