Business Plan International

Business Plan International

Business Opportunity For International Expansion


This paper is to discuss and outline points made during the introduction of the new business opportunity for HB Proper, a de facto and testing financial services and professional services firm of a sole proprietary business model. It will also discuss prospects for making HB Proper a multinational business expanding into London, a financial tech hub of Europe.
Most information here is a truncated version of HB Proper International Business Strategy, the original document that discusses an outward and international expansion into London or Frankfurt.

HB Proper was created in March 2013 to provide lower income, working class, and those burdened with post-recessionary like issues regarding standard of living, debts, and seemingly uncontrollable forces making them unprepared for financial disruptions i.e. medical, disastrous, or loss of income. HB Proper’s mission is to help real by and empathize with them while providing the low cost service in an efficient manner.
Since its inception, HB Proper has been able to create a user friendly website for desktop computers. After hearing consumer complaints regarding inaccessibility via smartphone, we created a mobile app that tells possible consumers of our products and service we offer. To add on top of the, a Facebook page was also created for the company as a marketing strategy. HB Proper has also begun to network and explain to more people what they are pursuing by using business cards which have garnished much attention, bringing in more customers to our professional services products, which include business card.
Currently, HB Proper is working on a project known as financial stress test for individuals and the survey will be used to show people where they should be or how they could get on track in terms of their finances. Other products are underway and are attracting attention within New York City and abroad....

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