Business Plan Ny Limobikes

Business Plan Ny Limobikes

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NY Limobikes is a New York motorcycle taxi service designed to get you from A to B quickly, easily and stylishly while avoiding the rush hour traffic. Whether you are traveling to work, making a New York airport| or a business meeting in New York, our motorcycle taxi’s will get you there in no time.

If you want to arrive at your appointment on something more exciting than public transport or a New York Taxi, give our motorcycle taxis a try. All journeys are competitively priced and cost no more than a New York taxi.
We know getting around New York can be a nightmare, especially on a busy weekday. That’s why our motorbike taxi service operates 24/7 . Of course, we can also accommodate special requests for our motorcycle taxi service – just call us and ask.
On top of being fast and simple, our motorbike taxi service is also safe. NY Limobikes ensures all its riders have at least 10 years experience of riding in New York. Taxi services have never been so safe, simple and fun.
Competitive edge

We are the only company in New York that provides this service. It came from London and Paris. Our competitors are taxis and public transport. But a motorcycle taxi service is completely different. It is faster than the others, and Time is Money!

Size, location and legal form

We are based in New York City, and we are a Limited company of 50 employees which contains chauffeurs, administration, hot liners…

Needs required to set up the business

We need first of all Bikes. To begin 30 Honda GoldWing 1800 GL, the most luxurious ,comfortable and safe bike on the market.

We need also the equipment for the biker and the client:

- Helmets

- Gloves

- Rain clothes

We want to provide a unique service for clients and particularly for businessmen, so we will include on our bikes and helmets, phones, and Autocom intercom so they can talk to the rider in transit and even make and receive phone calls.

For the...

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