Business Plan of an Online Accessory Store

Business Plan of an Online Accessory Store

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The Gift Lanka is a start-up retail store offering accessories and gifts to consumers wanting to create a personalized environment. The company would be located in the heart of Colombo and caters to all consumers irrespective of all races, class dimensions. Gift Lanka always looks beyond the national accessory and gift chain stores for those expressions of individual personality and style. In addition to the offering of unique products, unparalleled customer service, quality, value will complement the customer experience.

Nature of Business
Gift Lanka is a Private Limited Company; a virtual business entity being incorporated in Sri Lanka engaging in local and international business activities. The company will have its online presence at and provides 24 hour service to its customers. The Web will be an extension of the store concept - a virtual business card and portfolio for the company. During its third year onwards it will move to e-commerce, shipping directly to its web customers.

It hopes to have a fully equipped registered office located in the heart of Colombo, and is encompassed with a dynamic management team consisting of seven members who would be integrating with variety of experience to this venture with expertise that crosses merchandising, marketing, purchasing, forecasting, operations and direct import sourcing.

Company will maintain its contracts, agreements sign with many leading and well known companies engaged in the same field of business, providing an added feature for its customers, to provide the best products and services of high quality and durability.

Action Plan and Targets
Growth plans for Gift Lanka includes an expectation of quite comfortable total revenue in year one. Year Two will develop services and marketing plans, in addition to the Web presence, so that a 25% growth rate is realized. Year Three expectations of further 40% growth with...

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