Business Plan

Business Plan

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Business Plan
What is Blueberry Nights?
Type: bar and restaurant for young people
Category: II. class
Service method: plate service
Menu type: A’la Carte
Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 10:00-22:00
Thursday to Saturday 13:00-05:00
No day off
Target market: students, tourists and residents
Location: Budapest, Margit körút
Few steps from Margaret Island
Easy to reach by tram
Seating capacity: 120 (80+40)
1st floor: kitchen area,
80 seated restaurant, bar,
armchairs, dance ground, toilet
2nd floor: private saloon for groups max 40,
bar, music box, toilet
Staff: 3 Managers, 1 Chef, 1 Assitant Kitchen Cheff, 2 Cooks, 2 Kitchen Maids, 2 Dishwashers, 6 Waiters, 4 Cleaning staff, 2 Bartenders

Step 1- Where are we?
PEST analysis
Political variables
Hungary Taxation of Employees
General employment law environment
Employment agreements
HACCP – Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
Economic Factors
Economy of Hungary
The National Bank of Hungary
- 2% GDP growth
Social Factors
Population of Budapest
Buda side population
Social differences between Buda and Pest
Technological Factors
Streamlining business practices, operating costs, vendor forecasting and guest ordering
High technological equipment

Competitor Analysis
Ai it is a restaurant/ club, the nearby restaurants and clubs both can be competitors of our company. In the opposit side of the street there is the Trofea restaurant that is an all you can eat restaurant for a normas price. It is always full in the lunch and dinner time as well so thay can be our competitor in the restaurant area. The other place is the Menta terasz that is a restaurant and club as well that provides lunch menu for their guests. They organize evening events such as partys or cinema nights for the same target market as ours. It is not a well known club but they can be a competitor of they organize something in the same time as us and our guests are not...

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