Business Plans

Business Plans

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Homework Chapters 7&8

1. You have been invited to a firm for a final interview. You expect to be offered a position and plan to accept it. As a student you learn about psychological contracts. How can you insure that your psychological contract is rooted in reality?

As a student who has taken psychology, it’ll make sense out of lot of things and make sense out of the situation in reality.

2. Why is trust important in interpersonal relationships? What actions can a manager take to develop and maintain workplace trust?

Trust is the most important relationship when it comes to running a business, the salesman trust the warehouse to make the products and the warehouse trusts the salesman to sell the product. Managers can gain trust by asking for feedback from employees, make them feel like they are a part of the business too.

3. What is organizational citizenship? How can this behavior be promoted in the organization?

Organizational citizenship is when employees go above and beyond their normal tasks. Again offer more money is the prime solution, benefits, rewards etc.

4. Distinguish between competition and cooperation. What are some of the positive outcomes of organizational conflict?

Competition is a pattern of behavior in which each person, group, or organization seeks to maximize its own gains, often at the expense of others. Cooperation is two or more individuals, teams, or organizations working together toward some goal.

5. Jose applied for a promotion to shift foreman but was denied. He claims racial discrimination, but the plant manager said that his performance did not justify the promotion. How can alternative dispute resolution be used to settle this grievance?

They can go through a process of ADR and the members of the conflict could probably just go through a mediation process. When the two members finish their altercation they can come to a better conclusion and hopefully Jose would conclude...

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