Business Project

Business Project

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Business Overview

Business Description: The Yellow Tail is a wine bar designed to offer an excellent place for people to gather after work, taking a lunch break, especially on a Friday night and the weekends for people to relax. We provides a high quality glass of wine and rest rooms. A perfect place for meeting and to take a client. It is planned to be set up opposite to century tower in Town Hall, on Pitt Street in the Sydney CBD. The specifics of this plan is illustrated below.

- Legal name: The Yellow Tail wine bar

- Industry/Type: Tertiary, which involves serving customers, food and wine.

- Product/Service: Restaurant and wine bar, provides lunch and dinner but the main focus it’s on the wine.

- Form: Sole Trader, the owner has unlimited liability.

- Status: Establishment/Start-up

- Ownership: 100% owned by Mr. Yu through the legal form of a sole trader and holds unlimited liability.

Mission Statement: Our goal at the Yellow Tail is to bring to the local area a restaurant that will provide excellent food and wine at a reasonable price in a comfortable but refined atmosphere. It will be an excellent place for people to gather after work especially on a Friday night and the weekends. We provide delicious lunch and dinner and a high quality glass of wine. It will also be a perfect place to take clients and for meeting purposes.

Prime function: The Prime Function of the Yellow Tail is to provide a comfort place for customers to relax after a day of hard work, a place to enjoy lunch and dinner, a place to enjoy high quality glass of wine and a place for meeting.

Purpose of the plan and situation analysis, SWOT

Purpose of the plan: The purpose of this business plan for my wine bar is to set up a tool for management and potential investors. It defines the mission of the Yellow Tail, the goals and the strategies for achieving this mission. This business plan is the key to securing funding for the Yellow Tail.

It is also a set...

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