Business Research Project Part 1

Business Research Project Part 1

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Business Research Project Part 1
Melissa Wojciehowski
August 22,2013
Gregory Michalski

Business Research Project Part 1
As in many organizations, the Jacksonville Sherriff’s office is not averse to its share of problems and possible opportunities for improvement. Like other metropolitan areas, certain areas of Jacksonville, Florida insulate against the rash of killings better than others. In areas of high poverty there is a constant influx of murder and domestic violence. Many times people choose to use this information to validate the belief that justice is the problem of law enforcement and not of the average person. Even though law enforcement plays an integral part in keeping the streets safe, the Sheriff has stated that “we cannot arrest our way out of this problem.”( If left unimpeded, murder spreads among the community allowing everyone to address social issues and the ability to grow the city’s economy.
Research can be used to develop an approach that influences violent crimes, murder, and even crimes of lesser importance. Actions taken by law enforcement reduce risk for violence, early intervention techniques that disrupt pre or early criminal behaviors. Researching past crime vs. demographic statistics and comparing them to current day could, to some extent, lead to a method of forecasting what the data will look like. It is the purpose of this team’s analysis to determine how crime statistics within Jacksonville, Florida have fluctuated and how they can be used to assist the law enforcement agency with determining how and where to deter criminal activities.


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